3 Hour Full Code Press

Full Code
PressIn August this year, there's an event being run by the Australian Web Industry Professionals Association and New Zealands Webstock event called FullCodePress:

It’s a geek Olympics! Web teams take each other on to build a complete website for a non-profit organisation in 24 hours. No excuses, no extensions, no budget overruns.

Wow... what a learning opportunity! Something like this, tailored for beginners, would be great for a web design course - with a few small administrative difficulties (like staying at TAFE overnight!). Nonetheless, inspired by the learning opportunities of FullCodePress, our class has decided to trial a very scaled-down 3 hour version once a month.

The idea is that those people who are confident with the process can lead a team 3 people, with the not-so-confident or new students participating to the degree that they are comfortable while seeing a small project from idea to html/css prototype (see Web design challenges for more details). Three hours obviously limits the scope drastically, but we don't want to create yet another on-going project as students already have enough in their ToDo lists.

To keep the activities both relevant and yet re-usable in a class context, we're basing them around national awareness weeks (such as Reconciliatin week, or Drug Action week), providing students with the purpose, goals, target audiences and content description for the prototype.

Our class has just had their first 3Hr Full Code Press this morning, so I'm looking forward to the debrief in our team meeting this afternoon (I get the feeling some teams worked well together and others struggled together)! I think there's so many opportunities for learning in this kind of activity, such as reflecting on team skills, cooperation, design processes, technical skills, seeing different solutions and learning from each other at all levels. I'm particularly excited because it accomodates the type of classroom we have where there's lots of learners with very different background skills and knowledge.

If anyone is interested in trialling the activity, you can find it (and add to/improve it) on Wikiversity under Web design challenges. Hopefully some of our students can provide some feedback on the experience from their point of view...

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