Five things all clients want to know

A few days ago, Russ posted a list of 5 things that all clients want to know. Things like:

Can you deliver what we want, on time and within the budget?

Can you explain a simple, logical process for delivering the website to the client? Can you explain how problems can be avoided or resolved?

The list is a compact summary of things we need to be ready to answer, but to me the most important point is the underlying reason why these points are always coming up:

Over the years, I have found that most clients don’t want a sales pitch, they want reassurance. They want to know if you can be trusted to help them solve their problem.

How do these questions help you demonstrate to a client that you can be trusted to help them solve their problem? Read through the five points again and you'll see that they require you to:

  1. first and foremost, demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively on a range of levels,
  2. demonstrate from your experience your own insight into common problems that may arise and simple processes that you use to get the job done, and,
  3. provide examples of your skills through previous work,

And these three things are often things that are hard for people starting out in web design to learn as part of a course - as they require experiencing common problems, experiencing simple processes, and needing to communicate these to get your next pay (hopefully activities like the 3Hr Full Code Press help to some degree!)

Of course, the next best thing would be to have a professional come in to class and share their first-hand experiences... but how often does that happen? Well, thanks to the generosity of Russ at MaxDesign, we'll get to learn from his experiences and pick his brain on the 20th August at 2pm! Whether you're a current student or a prospective (or another web designer in the Blue Mountains area - just let us know), keep the date free!

(BTW: It'll also be right after the real FullCodePress event, so we'll also get to hear how it all went as well as some of Russ' ideas for a student version of the competition!)

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