Five tips for flying with kids

Walking to the
SiegesaeuleLast Sunday evening we arrived in Berlin after 34 hours of airports and airplanes... here's what I learned:

  1. Just because you've got five tickets and can take five pieces of hand luggage doesn't mean you should use them all. But, the flip-side of this is that you'll definitely have your hand luggage at the end of your trip (our check-in luggage didn't get on the connecting plane with us in London).
  2. Always let people who happen to be sitting beneath your "Kids entertainment" bag (that you access every few hours) know when you're going to drop their laptop on their head (or they tend to get a little bit upset),
  3. The death-stares that seem to be directed at you and your screaming baby during the "night" section of the trip are really a sign of affection - people will ~~lie through their teeth~~ tell you afterwards how wonderfully behaved your kids are.
  4. Don't stand in a queue for a British Airways connection while a bunch of Finnish retirees monopolise one of the two staff who aren't currently on their lunch break only to be told after 45 minutes of waiting that you (and your family with 3 kids, 5 hand-luggages and two car seats) can make a run for the gate (over a km away) for your plane which is due to board right now.
  5. Family support is a wonderful thing.

(Fran's written more details of our trip.) Right now I'm just enjoying settling into our temporary accommodation in Charlottenburg, Berlin, visiting some of the sights with the kids (M, E and I climbed to the top of the Siegesaeule - the tower in the photo above) and absorbing the vibe of a foreign city!

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