Living and learning in Berlin

Berlin by
unaciertamiradaIt's hard for me to believe that in less than four days now I'll be walking the streets of Berlin with Franzie and the kids. And not just for a holiday but - God willing - to live for the next seven-or-so years.

Already the past two months of preparation have been the biggest project that I've managed yet (thanks Basecamp), but with lots of help and support of family on both sides of the globe, everything has fallen into place relatively smoothly. We've now got some temporary furnished accommodation in Berlin for the first month right near family.

I feel like I can now appreciate why people talk of "uprooting" when moving overseas - uprooting a tree involves breaking so many of the smaller roots as you rip it out of the ground. I feel as though our lives have had lots of small tears and rips for the past 6 weeks saying goodbye to friends and family... but that is the reality of "uprooting" our family.

BerlinSo for the next while I'll be learning to live in a new culture with a relatively new language. My 4-year-old, who likes to correct my German grammatical errors, keeps saying to me: "When we go to Germany Daddy, I'll help you speak right" - let's hope we all learn and adjust well! From this Sunday we'll be spending time with family in Berlin and seeking out some permanent accommodation before our shipped belongings arrive. I'll be starting work as soon as my visa is processed (4 weeks from arrival) but in the mean-time will enjoy exploring a new colourful city! Please keep in touch!

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