About LiveandletLearn

Michael and Franzie with
EstherLiveandletLearn is simply a place where I (Michael Nelson) can join in the global conversations to learn, reflect and take action on the things that are important not only to me, but also to my network of family, friends, students, colleagues and on-line contacts. It's a place for me to learn in the context of life, to practise what some people call Life based learning and have fun doing it! (BTW: That's me on the left with the kid strapped to me.)

Professionally, I work as a software engineer (usually with Python + Django but experimenting with other tools like Golang). In the past I've worked as a college course-coordinator and educator, software engineer (C++), web developer, Intranet application developer, research assistant, Salesperson, Pizza deliverer, Check-out-chick (ah-em) and milk boy.

Before joining the workforce full-time I studied Computer Science at the University of New South Wales.

Personally, I love getting outdoors (and occasionally away from computers) to relax, hiking with Franzie and the kids through the beautiful Blue Mountains (what used to be our extended back-yard before we moved to Berlin!) I enjoy playing Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee and mountain bike riding.

You can find me via gmail, Google chat or Skype with the username: absoludity.