The lecture as a motivational talk

As learners gear more and more towards learning themselves, the “lecture” has been debated and even disposed of by lots of us in education – but Christian Montoya gives a great reflection on a Web Design lecture he recently presented:

I wasn’t trying to teach everything there is to know about [Contrast, Repitition, Alignment and Proximity - a.k.a. C.R.A.P.], but rather just introduce the class to it and build some enthusiasm that will motivate them to learn more about it. What was great about the lecture was that as time progressed, the dynamic between the crowd and I became a 2-way exchange; I could sense that they were feeding on my enthusiasm and energy for the material, and I was further motivated by the enthusiasm that was building up in them.

We talk a lot about learners not being motivated for listening to a lecture for an hour (and that certainly is true in lots of cases), but then we (I?) can tend to replace this with a bunch of things to “read and reflect upon” from the net. If I had the choice of (1) reading the great article on C.R.A.P. design then reflecting on my blog, or (2) listening to Christian’s 50min lecture on C.R.A.P. design in person and taking part in the activity together, I know what I’d be choosing… why is that?

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  • V.B.,Kubheka

    I would like to go through your motivational talk to get soem skills

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