Working and learning in web development

Last week A List Apart released the results of the Web Design Survey (that some of my class actually took part in):

The attached report shares everything we learned. We offer it freely to this community that has given us so much. For the curious, we also provide an “anonymized” version of the raw data. It contains every answer to every question by every respondent, excluding only personal information—no names, just the facts. Crunch it yourself and tell us what you find.

The survey contains analysed data such as:

  • Perceived relevance of education
  • Perceived age/gender bias
  • Job satisfaction
  • Break down of salaries
  • Hours worked
  • Methods of staying current,
  • etc.

Never before has this kind of data (from over 30,000 respondants) been available... did I say I love working/teaching/learning in this field??

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