Dual booting the Dell XPS13 (9365) with linux

I recently purchased a Dell XPS13 (9365) (thanks to Bitnami for whom I now work) which comes with Windows 10 preinstalled. I was aware when purchasing that suspend on Linux is not yet working (thanks David Farrell), as well as other functionality (autorotate, pen integration etc.) and so was keen to have a few options to work on this machine:

  • Running Ubuntu within VirtualBox.
  • Dual booting to Ubuntu/Linux (once the suspend issues fixed, I’ll be using this most of the time)
  • Bash on Windows (mainly just out of interest)

There were already various articles around for setting up dual booting on the Dell XPS13 9365 model, but none of them had a complete picture. Here’s what I did:

With that done, I was able to install Ubuntu while still dual booting. I am currently booting Windows and working within an Ubuntu 17.04 VirtualBox image as I move around quite a bit and depend on suspend/resume. But the difference between running in a VM and on the metal is noticeable so I’ll be watching the suspend bug and testing newer kernel releases.

Edit July 2017: For the short-term, it actually works fine to just update my Ubuntu power settings so that the computer doesn’t suspend when the lid is closed.

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